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Skin care – Naturally Rejuvenating your skin

5 fruits to help you get that rejuvenating skin

Almost everyone these days have become beauty conscious and would like to have a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. Making some simple, but effective lifestyle changes such as incorporating fruits in daily diet can help the individual to get glowing skin. The reason is that fruits assist with clear complexion, natural hydration, skin rejuvenation, enhancement of skin texture and to make skin appear glowing and youthful. Fruits are completely safe and do not come with any type of side effects, while being cost effective. Moreover, they are free from all types of toxins and do have host of health and skin benefits.

Some fruits to enjoy glowing and fair skin


This fruit is rich different types of vitamin like A, B and E, while acting as anti-ageing agent. One can easily opt for facial by using freshly mashed banana by mixing it with honey for getting glowing skin. Also it is rich source of minerals, fiber, potassium and magnesium. It helps in better blood circulation within the body and to create immunity from within. Also, they are excellent substitute especially for unhealthy snacking during in-between meals.


This fruit is rich in high Vitamin –C content as well as natural bleaching properties, thereby making it a wonderful cleanser which can lighten blemishes, spots, skin tone and spots. One can start the day simply by drinking a glass of warm water that is mixed with one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice, a dash on empty stomach. It helps to fight cellulite and clears skin from within.


This fruit boasts of being rich in Vitamin C and hence helps to improve skin texture. Furthermore it effectively removes blemishes and slows down naturally the ageing process. Orange peels are to be dried and crushed into powder form, stored in airtight container. This is to be used as natural scrub twice or once weekly to achieve glowing and clear skin.


It has very high anti-oxidant action, thereby preventing tissue and cell damage. It also works as anti-ageing agent. Moreover, it assists in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles hence, keeping the bowels fully clean. One can apply apple juice that is mixed with honey on the face, allow it to dry and then wash it off. It is termed to be an excellent hydrating face mask.


It is regarded to be an excellent antioxidant source and the enzyme known as papain. This fruit can banish all types of skin impurities, while removing dead skin cells if used on skin. The face is to be gently rubbed with inside of papaya for a minute for cleansing, softening and exfoliating the skin. Blending papaya, 2 tablespoons of yogurt or honey is to be added and the mixture is to be used as a mask. Then the person needs to rinse after 20 minutes using lukewarm water, to follow up with moisturizer for noticing the difference.

If the individual follows the above mentioned regimen on a regular basis, then it becomes easy to get beautiful skin and be praised by others.

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