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Be a friend to your child, rather than parent


It sounds or seems impossible to believe that parents are the best friends of teens. But, nowadays child, considers their dear parents as friends. On the other hand, sometimes a child thinks that their parents could never understand the realities of their world. So, even with the greater interest of cell phones and as well as internet child thinks life without these two is impossible. For instance, father, role is as important as improving dad’s role that allowed their child to develop long-term relationship with their parents. In a similar manner, for becoming their child’s friend’s parents must avoid motions, fitting, and acting in this new relationship into your busy schedules.

Here, are the some unique ways that will help the parents to become their friends:

1. Trust factor

In an ideal manner, if parents want to become the friend of their child first of all they should trust their children and agree their dear ones that there will be no hidden agendas or games will appear in the middle of their relationship. On the other hand, they should always keep the trust and honesty with their child.

2. Mutual understanding

In addition, mutual understanding can be earned between children and their parents by providing them some consistent exhibiting behavior. Nevertheless, children can enjoy and are much connected with their parents if they get a fair amount of independence and the bond between parents and children is also much stronger.

3. Strictest of confidence-

Parents should keep the children discussion in the strictest of confidence it will definitely help them to reinforce the trust and love.

4. Provide flexibility

In a gradual; way, parents should talk to their children in an adult manner and make them remember that they are still kids. In a similar manner, it allows flexibility during adolescent years.

5. Active listener

Every parent should be an active listener and as well as haveing the multitasking skills it will make them better parents in the front of their children. In addition, parents must learn to focus on their children’s activities.

6. Avoid interrogation

Parents should always ask their children right question and in a proper way without appearing to interrogate them. Eventually, it is equally significant for them as well as they will feel that their parents are understanding what they are trying to express. As a result, this process makes their bonding much stronger.


It is necessary for parents these days to have a positive frame when approaching their children and to be friendly, so that they can confide in things easily and build the relationship much better.

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